Stade Toulousain

It all starts with a great CORE team

Our team specialises in marrying creative solutions with modern technology.

We take any sized project from rough concept all the way to
highly polished, compelling, realistic imagery for multiple channels.

We are a group of industry professionals currently based in mainland Europe and the UK. We are a mix of American, British, Australian, & French creatives.

We have cut our teeth over the decades working all over the globe from the outback… a surfboard in Hossegor… to the concrete jungles of Chicago.

Our core team is built to handle most anything you may throw our way and for those projects that require even more, we have heavy hitting global partners that are available at a moments notice to scale our team to meet any challenge. 

Here are just a few of us…

CEO & Lead CGI Artist

Jesse Zamjahn

Years behind the lens, classical fine art painting, illustration and art direction in North America and Europe have helped him develop a unique, passionate and creative point of view from all sides of a project.
CG Generalist & Retoucher

Josh Kitney

Josh is a creative retoucher and CGI artist, who gives equal creative attention to any sized job. Josh has become a trusted friend to all of our clients.


Benoit Guerry

Automotive and fashion photographer. Studio based in Toulouse, France. Location or studio shoots.
Richard Baracetti
Motion & Compositing

Richard Baracetti

Mr motion, Richard has been putting after effects through its paces for decades.

And Great Representation

In North America, we are represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative (TM/AR)

TM/AR is a commercial photography and post-production agency representing some of the most trusted, renowned and distinctive photographers and 3D/CGI talent in the U.S. and Europe.

Tim brings an appreciation for sophisticated and unique visual sensibilities and a world of international production experience with many of the top photographers, art producers and creatives and art directors in the industry to TM/AR.

With the exceptional artists they represent, and with hands-on production expertise, TM/AR & Pixteur can help you cross creative borders, explore new terrain… and still come back safely and on budget with the utterly unique images that will set you and your clients apart.

Just ask Aramark, AT&T, ATR, AUDI, Baxter, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Compaq, Capital One, Corona, Delta, Dell, Disney, Evinrude, Ford, GE, GMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Intel, KIA, Lexus, LL Bean, Mobil One, Negra Modelo, Nissan, Novo Nordisk, Palm, Pfizer, Samsung, Silk, Snap-On, Sony, Target, TIME, Toyota, or Visa. 

Then ask Tim or his associate Bethany Duffy how Pixteur Studios can help your next project go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tim Mitchell Artist Representative –

Ready to start a project?

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