Valio Milk making-of

90% CGI – 10% Post Production

client: VALIO – agency: HASAN & PARTNERS – art director: SAMI ANTTILA – art buyer: LEFT&RIGHT

Ad campaign for Valio milk in Finland. The brief was to create images of famous Finnish athletes made out of milk. Retouching wasn’t a solution because it didn’t offer enough realism or flexibility. Liquid simulation was also out of the question, too costly and it would have taken too much time & R&D. So pixteur custom 3D modeled all 4 athletes, leveraging several different 3D packages to balance the speed of development and keep costs down. We were able to artistically sculpt the milk in zbrush & art direct the splashes.

Initially everything was intended to be full 3D milk; bodies, faces, splashes & clothing. However late in the development a decision was made to integrate parts of the photos to make the athletes more recognizable. Luckily pixteur had built the 3D athletes using a camera matched source photo, this made integrating the photos a whole lot easier and we didn’t have to modify the 3D or sculpt the likenesses on each face.

Rendering was done with MODO at 12k. It all came together in post production, with some simple render pass compositing, retouching the athletes heads and final grading.

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