pixteur is a creative CGI & post-production studio based in southern France.
Killer visuals with a subtle mix of American gung-ho know-how and European panache.
– CGI: Modeling, Animation, Texturing, Rendering, Compositing
– Post-Production & Retouching
– 360° HDR & Backplate custom photography
– Digital Illustration
– Concept design

We are passionate about producing creative campaigns of the highest standards in partnership with global agencies & brands. We specialize in finding creative solutions using the most modern technology to produce compelling, realistic imagery.

pixteur can be as big a part of any image solution as you wish. Whether shooting our own photographic content and matching 360° HDR’s or working with award winning advertising photographers to create seamlessly integrated CGI, retouching, grading and implementing the limitless possibilities that CGI has to offer, we can tailor our services to your specific need.

Of course when a job goes beyond our core skillset, pixteur has the support of talented specialist friends on both sides of the Atlantic (3D generalists, character artists, animators, digital sculptors, compositing wizards, photographers, etc) so we can scale on a per project basis. We’ll bring in the best people for the job, make it look great and deliver on-time.

pixteur is a boutique & offers you a unique opportunity to work directly with the artist/artists, thereby opening direct lines of creative communication, creating strong client relationships and enabling each project to be completed to your exact needs. Just tell us what you envision, we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

About us:

pixteur was founded in 2007 by American CG artist & retoucher (Jesse Zamjahn) with decades of hard earned experience in the USA and Europe. His classical training as a fine art painter, photographer and art director provides a unique, passionate and creative point of view from all sides of a project.