PEYRAGUDES Robots 2011 making-of

90% CGI – 10% Post Production

client: PEYRAGUDES – agency: DDB NOUVEAU MONDE – art director: MARC GRASSET

We were asked by our good friends at DDB NOUVEAU MONDE to create the third series of robot ski images for their client Peyragudes. We leveraged our previous files to reuse the robot for these shots.

The brief called for a TRON like look to the robot, so pixteur decided to use vray for maya for rendering. We hand painted metal roughness maps for all the surfaces of the robot and then recreated all the materials in vray.

The bottom half of the snowy landscape was created in vue xStream. We also used vue to generate a 360° environment HDR of the snow and sun in order to light the robot and have real-world reflections on the metal surfaces.

After rendering the landscape, robot we buit a matte painting for the far mountains and sky.






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